The Classy

S - $30.00, M - $40.00. L - $50.00

Size- Small - 4 inches wide x 10 inches tall at sides and 8 inches tall at center x 10 inches at bottom and 8 inches at top, strap - 1 x 18, Medium - 5 inches wide x 11 inches tall at sides and 9 inches tall at center x 11 inches at bottom and 9 inches at top, strap - 1 x 20, Large - 6 inches wide x 16 inches tall at sides and 14 inches tall at center x 16 inches length at bottom and 14 inches length at top, strap - 1 x 22.

Outside comes in vinyl and has 12 pleats, 6 pleats on front and 6 pleats on back. Closes with a magnetic snap. Inside has 6 pockets, 3 open pockets on one side, and 1 zippered pocket on other side between 2 open pockets on other side. It fits everything you need while looking stylish!


The Manager


Size - 12h x 18L x 6w.

Has a zipper closing on top and 2 cushioned handles. Outside has 8 open pockets around 6w x 8h. Inside has 7 open pockets, 1 - 6w x 8h on each end, 2 - 9w x 8h on one side, 3 - 6w x 8h on other side. Has a hard bottom for support and soft sides for flexibility. The child's name can be embroidered on the front center pocket in a color to match the fabric.

It's the perfect sized bag to bring all you need and have plenty of pockets to keep things organized when you go out with the baby!

Handmade Accessories by Danielle durgin

You can also click here to see more photos of bags I've previously made!

The Stylish

S - $25.00, L - $30.00

Size - Small - 8 x 10 x 4. Handles are 1 x 18. Large - 10 x 14>12 x 4.5. Handles, 1 x 20.

Has interlacing ribbon for decoration and a magnetic snap to close. Small has 5 pockets on the inside - 1 open pocket on each end, 2 open pockets on the one side, and 1 zippered pocket on the other side. Large has 6 pockets on the inside - 1 open pocket on each end, 3 open pockets on the back side, and 1 zippered pocket on the front side.

Perfect for separating the smaller items and still having space in the middle for bigger items.

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The Socialite


Size= Length- Bottom, 16in angled to Top- 22in. Width- 7in. Height- 16in.

It has a zipper closing on the top of the bag. Inside there are 6 pockets; 3 on each side.

This bag is perfect for going to the beach or even for an overnight stay away from home!

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These are the different types of bags I make. They are custom orders so if there is a style you like contact me and we can talk about materials and I will make one to fit you! The information on each of the bags is below and there is also a link to see photos of custom orders I've made previously!

The Dignified


Size - 13h x 4w x 19 at top gradually decreasing to bottom at 17 length.

The top zips closed and it has two handles. Outside has a pocket with embroidered name. Inside has two open pockets on one side and one long zippered pocket on other side. Colors come in a solid color on the outside and a material of your choice for the inside and the straps. The embroidery thread will match your chosen inside material.

The Ambitious

S - $14.00, M - $17.00, L - $20.00

Size - Small - 9 x 9 x 5, Medium - 11.5 x 9.5 x 5, Large - 14 x 10 x 5.

The top zips closed. An insulated bag that keeps cold things cold and hot things hot. Inside is waterproof. The outside, zipper and handles are available in many colors. Embroidery is optional for extra depending on stitch count. Its the perfect size for a few snacks, and great for kids!

Contact me if you are interested in anything!

The Traveler


Size- Length-16in, width- 10in, height- 8in.

Has a zipper closing with a long strap.

Perfect bag for overnights or going to the gym!

The Hipster

S - $25.00, L - $30.00

Size - small = 11 in length x 12 height x 5 in width, large = 15 in length x 12 height x 5 in width. Has two straps 21 in long.

A custom order bag with one big open pocket on the outside and inside has a zipper pocket with two open pockets in front of it for the small and 3 open pockets in front of it for the large. Top closes with a magnetic snap. It's a great bag to carry around all sorts of things and keep your small items from getting lost in the bottom of your bag!

The Fashionista


Size - 16 length at top down to 11 length at bottom x 5 wide x 10 tall.

It's a vinyl bag with 2 adjustable straps attached by buckles, and zips closed. Outside has 1 large pocket with a snap on the front and 2 diagonal zippers on the back. Inside has 8 pockets, 3 open on 1 side and 4 open on the other side in front of a long zippered pocket.

The perfect purse for those who love lots of pockets inside and out!